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An investment opportunity is awaiting. When you work with Bort Design, we give you an opportunity to earn higher revenue with high-end housing.

Many people today want the conveniences and modern high-end design aspects found in luxury homes, but don’t want the exterior upkeep like lawn maintenance and painting. That’s why luxury apartments, duplexes, condos, and townhomes are becoming more and more popular.

With Bort Home Design, you can offer Tyler, TX builders the opportunity to attract a higher revenue through custom, high-end multi-family housing.

With over 26 years experience, we know people and we know what they like and what they dislike when it comes to the elements of high-end home design.

We can help you design and plan multi-family housing in Tyler, TX.

Plan Your Home

A Place They Will Love

Imagine working with a designer to plan a set of income-generating homes that families will truly appreciate and enjoy.

When you work with our designers and drafters, we use our experience in custom multi-family architectural designs to make sure you're offering spaces that don’t just look good on paper but will be a place to truly love.

Taking the time now to plan and imagine on the behalf of your future residents will have a big pay off later.

Your Customized Plans Will Include:

  • Cover sheet
  • Site plan
  • Foundation plan
  • Detailed floor plans
  • Sections and details page
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Electrical plans
  • Interior elevations
  • Windows and door scheduled
  • Roof plans
  • Plumbing plan

Our Custom Process

  • Consultation

    Tucked Away in the Details

    Tapping into our extensive experience, we've learned what residents want in a multi-family facility. We watch and listen to clients to ensure every need is met. Even the smallest of details are tucked into the design and functionality of your future home.

  • final plans

    We Visit Your Location

    Throughout the interview and design process, we’ll analyze even the smallest of details to create a safe haven that will surpass your potential residents' expectations. You see, we know when to listen, and we know when to ask questions.

  • 3D Renderings

    Visualize Your Investment

    When you hire a custom designer, you should be able to see the product before you purchase it. We'll provide you with a 3D rendering of your multi-family units, so you can better visualize what it will look like.

  • Design

    Fully Custom House Plans

    Upon delivery, you’ll receive a complete set of fully operational and customized plans your builder can use to build your high-end units.

The benefits of a high-end multi-family investments

  • Beautiful Custom Homes

    We can guide you in the decision process so your residents are sure to love their home and know they were designed and planned by professionals.

  • High-End Floor Plans

    We all enjoy floor plans with open space. We design high-end spaces so they are customized to the needs and functionality of busy families.

  • Designed For Real Life

    Our spaces are designed, with desirability in mind, so you won't have to worry about filling up your units. You will have a waiting list.

Let Us Design Your High-End Multi-Family Housing in Tyler, Texas

What goes into a space matters to us. We customize every detail to offer the most convenient, spacious, functional way of life in a home.

We understand how important it is to design a home that is appealing, functional and comfortable.

We’ll guide you in the process of designing and drafting your high-end luxury units. With our experience of 26+ years,  we’ve learned what people like and what they don't. So we will give you our honest feedback to steer you in the right direction.

We will work with you to carefully imagine and design multi-family units, so Tyler residents can’t help but want to be the first ones on your list.

When you’re looking for a custom multi-family housing design in Tyler, TX, we guarantee you won’t find any other designer and drafter with the experience, passion, or commitment to quality that you’ll find at Bort Home Design.

Design Your Dream Home

Is East Texas a Good Place to Invest?

Many professionals do not like the giant metroplex areas in Texas, but still want midsize cities with plenty to do. The Tyler and Longview areas offer great opportunities for investors to build multi-family housing for these people who want the high-end living experience without living in the giant metroplex areas.

There are many reasons people love the East Texas area…

  • Entertainment

    There are plenty of entertainment options that will new residents will love. They will find plenty of great shopping, quaint coffee shops, nature trails, and gardens for people to enjoy. There's a lot to love… and a lot to discover.

  • Family Friendly

    For residents with families, they will be attracted to excellent schooling options that highly rank among the best in the state.  If you residents prefer an alternative schooling option, this area has numerous homeschool co-ops and several highly respected private schools.

  • Great College

    The Tyler areas offer several top-ranking schools in the state. The University of Texas at Tyler and LeTourneau University in Tyler, both have hundreds of opportunities for continuing education and various degree programs in many fields.

  • Cost of Living

    Last but not least, the cost of living in East Texas is very affordable. Your residents will be attracted to the high-end living without the higher prices for the same thing in the larger metro-plex areas.

So is the Tyler area a good place to invest? We certainly think so. When working with Bort Home Design, your units will not sit empty because our attention to details create desirable spaces and people love living in the Tyler areas.

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You’ll find beautiful homes all over Tyler and Longview, but you won’t find your truly perfect home that has been customized unless you choose Bort Home Design to draft and plan your dream home.

We serve the Tyler, Longview, and surrounding areas of East Texas.

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