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Imagine the day when there isn't a pile of shoes at the door, your appliances are neatly stowed away, and your storage spaces are designed with a purpose. It can be your reality when your home designer gives you permission to imagine a custom yet functional spaces for you and your family.

Allow yourself to imagine your biggest home “what-ifs.” With Bort Design, we’ll transform the tolerated inconvenient spaces into customized features of your new Tyler, TX home into something you will love for years to come.

Plan Your Home

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When you work with our designers and drafters for your custom home plans in Longview & Tyler, TX, we use our experience in home design to make sure your home doesn't just look good on paper but will be a place you truly love.

Our construction drawings will always be planned out in a way that any builder can use them to construct the home without any other adjustments.


  • Cover sheet
  • Site plan
  • Foundation plan
  • Detailed floor plans
  • Sections and details page
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Electrical plans
  • Interior elevations
  • Windows and door scheduled
  • Roof plans

Our Custom Process

  • Consultation

    Tucked Away in the Details

    Tapping into our extensive experience, we've learned that dream homes are born when designers watch and listen to their clients. Even the smallest of details are tucked into the design and functionality of your future home.

  • final plans

    We Visit Your Location

    Throughout the interview and design process, we will analyze even the smallest of details to create a safe haven that will surpass your expectations. You see, we know when to listen, and we know when to ask questions.

    We will visit your site, evaluate the surroundings, and find the perfect home location. We will also work with you to consider things like trees, driveways, focal points and views.

  • 3D Renderings

    Visualize Your Investment

    When you hire a custom home designer, you should be able to see the product before you purchase it. We'll provide you with a 3D rendering of your future home, so you can better visualize what it will look like.

  • Design

    Fully Custom House Plans

    Upon completion, you’ll receive a complete set of customized house plans your builder can use to build your dream home.

The benefits of a custom home

  • Beautiful Custom Homes

    We can guide you in the decision process, so you are sure to love your home.

  • Tailored Floor Plans

    Enjoy all the space you want. We design tailored spaces so they are customized to the needs and functionality your family wants.

  • Designed For Real Life

    Our homes are designed first and foremost, with your family’s convenience in mind.

Let Us Design Your New Custom Home in Tyler, TX

What goes into your home matters to us. We customize every detail to offer the most convenient, spacious, functional way of life you want.

We understand how important it is to build a home that is functional and comfortable.

Bort Design will guide you in the process of designing and drafting your dream home. With our experience of 26+ years, we’ve learned what people like and what they don't. So we will give you our honest feedback to steer you in the right direction.

We will work with you to carefully imagine and design your home until every detail is perfect for your family.

When you’re looking for a custom home design in Longview & Tyler, TX, we guarantee you won’t find any other home designer and drafter with the experience, passion, or commitment to quality that you’ll find at Bort Design.

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We provide design, drafting, and consulting services in Tyler, Longview, and the surrounding East Texas areas.

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